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How to Buy a Website
There are many sites that offer you professional website templates to use for a website. For example, if you have a restaurant you can choose a template that is full of images pertaining to dining and food. If you own a auto repair business you can choose a website template that is customized to feature auto related images and layouts. You can always change these images and add your own, but the template gives you an easy starting point for your website. Using a website template is a great way for someone who isn’t advanced to create an extremely professional website. Of the sites that offer templates Homestead is the best. They have over 2,000 professional website templates for you to choose from. Below are a few of the types of website templates that are already created for you to use with Homestead.

Our Editors’ Choice winner for quick and easy Web site building, makes designing polished, professional Web sites easier than any other place online

-PC Magazine

[MicrosoftOfficeLive's] templates aren’t nearly as varied or attractive as those available at, another site that offers quick Web page creation for small businesses.

-Wallstreet Journal

To try building a site with Homestead you can click the following Homestead graphic:

Homestead an Intuit Co.

Here are some of the types of templates that are available for buying a new website.


How to buy a website. Homestead themes.

Homestead Template

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Templates are a great way to avoid custom CSS Themes and a custom HTML Template.

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