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How to Buy a Website
Now that you have your domain name picked out, the next step in How to Buy a Website is deciding which type of server fits your needs. You can save yourself a lot headaches by picking the correct hosting package to being with. The general rule of thumb is to plan big! It can be devastating to your sites reputation to have your server time out.

When trying to decide which type of server is right for you need to have a very clear idea of what type of website you are creating. Here are some things to consider:

1. Will users be able to add content to your site, like a blog or a CMS?

If yes, what type of content can they add?

  •  Photos

If they are adding photos are they embedding the photos from another site or are you actually storing the photos for them in your database? If you are storing them you may want to modify the allowable pixels to save space. Take some time and choose to buy host name that really fits your needs.

  • Text

Text is usually not a huge deal, unless you are planning on having tons of people adding text very often to the site.

  • Audio

Audio files can be massive, so if you plan on storing them on your own server then you had better plan to have lots of space. We can’t stress it enough here at How to Buy a Website, plan ahead and make sure you do it right when you buy host name.

  • Video

Video is also massive. Thankfully, many sites allow for embedding YouTube videos. This is useful for two reasons. One, it means that you don’t have to host the video and two, this means that YouTube does the content review before they publish to their site. That means that you don’t need to keep quite as close of an eye out for inappropriate videos popping up on your site. Visit Host Gator to choose your hosting package.

2. What type of content will you be adding to your site?

Will you be adding basic photos with some basic text, or are you a photographer and planning on adding albums full of high-quality, high-pixel images? Think about how you are going to use the site. If you want the end user to enjoy visiting your site then you need to have a pretty clear idea about the type of strain you plan on putting on your server.

3. How often do you plan on changing, adding or updating the content?

This option has a bit to do with the hassle of adding or changing content to your site. If  you are a bit more skilled with working with websites, you may prefer the cpanel. In that case HostGator, sometimes referred to as Gator Host, has access to the cpanel with just about all of their options. GoDaddy has a domain manager as well, but, in my opinion, the cpanel is the easiest way to work online. Virtual hosting can be a great option for folks needing decent space at a low budget, especially with Host Gator or Gator Host.

If the cpanel means nothing to you and you are new to working with websites then I recommend using a service like Homestead. They have their own Site Builder tool which is for beginners and it avoids the need to work on servers and edit content on the coding level. The Site Builder works much like a word document, where you can edit text, add photo, import YouTube, etc, all on the header menu.

These are the things to consider when choosing a host. I strongly recommend using HostGator, Gator Host or GoDaddy for your hosting needs, but there are many others out there that can get the job done. Thanks for visiting How to Buy a Website.

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