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Choosing a website name is a big decision. There are a couple different strategies to consider when deciding what domain name to choose. Both strategies are good, it really just depends on how you plan on people finding your website. This is your first step when learning how to buy a website.

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Strategy one is to pick a domain name that is distinctive and, obviously, can be easily associated with your business. The logic here is that you want a domain name that people can easily recall and either search for (and of course find) your site in a search engine or just type into the browser URL. Believe it or not, there are so many options when it comes to domain names, that sometimes what seems like a small modification, like a single dash between main words, can lead to someone’s failure to correctly enter your domain name correctly in the browsers URL.

Strategy two is to pick a domain name based on structure and keywords to further optimize your site site with search engines. Choosing a domain name based on keywords can be a great way to get people to your site in a hurry. This strategy is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do your homework first, and make sure you are not only choosing keywords that are specific enough to attract the exact market you seek, but you also want to make sure that you are choosing words that aren’t too competitive. Failing to do either of these correctly can result in either attracting visitors that don’t result in any meaning or failing to attract visitors all together since you are competing against monsters in the industry. If you can’t decide how to choose your domain for this strategy consider contacting a company that does domain services.

The best way to make sure that you are choosing the correct keywords is to use Google Adwords free keyword tool. Here is the link to the tool.

First you will need to enter in a word or phrase and then do the captcha. You can separate words with a space to vary the results. You will get the exact phrase that Google sees, and then you will see the competition associated with that word. The trick here is to choose a word that has low competition, high volume and is very specific to what you are looking for. You must be patient and do your homework here and make sure you find the appropriate word to use for your domain. If you do this right, you will find several good options for domain keywords. Now the trick is to check if they are available with GoDaddy or Host Gator. Don’t be afraid to add a few variations to the keyword phrase you select. Don’t change the words, but a dash in between words can be useful, or dropping an unnecessary word, like ‘a’ or ‘of’ is okay.

The strategy with this approach is to not rely on people remembering your domain name. You will instead focus on people finding you in the search engines and then either bookmarking your site or sharing it through social channels. Make sure you have these links easily available on your site if you take this approach. Another thing to consider with this approach is using a service like Constant Contact to have a ‘Sign Up Mailing List’ on your home page so you can reach out to your visitors after they find your site once through the search engine.

Spend some time before buying a domain name determining which approach is right for your business. If you don’t have a brand or are creating a brand new website then going with the second approach makes sense. You can always buy another, easier to remember, domain later and forward it to the more complicated one. Thanks for visiting How to Buy a Website

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