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How to Buy a Website
Static websites are perfect for the majority of small businesses and personal websites. A static website can feature as many pages as you would like in any order that you choose to display them. What makes a static website static is the fact that users can not post to the site on their own. If this is okay with you then I recommend creating a static site instead of a CMS. If you decide to go with a static site then I strongly recommend going with Homestead. With Homestead you can choose your website name. When using Homestead, you can choose a professional website template.

Some other options for you to consider are or Dreamweaver. The foreseeable issues with Dreamweaver are costs and the learning curve. With Webs the issue is functionality. Homestead allows users to add advanced functionality to their site in a very easy non-programming way. Homestead has their own tools that allow you to see what available websites names you can choose from.

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