How to Buy a Website
A WordPress website can be a great way to easily create a professional and high functioning website. If you know programming, WordPress can be nearly as powerful as Drupal, if not, it’s okay since you can still do a whole lot with a WordPress site. As far as the look of a site goes, or the theme, I think it’s easier to create a great looking site using WordPress than Drupal. The learning curve is much smaller with a WordPress site.

Installing WordPress from WordPress.org is a way to create a simple blog. However, this doesn’t give you access to the WordPress plugins, which gives you the advanced functionality. I recommend using a hosting provider like GoDaddy or HostGator to install the full version of WordPress. You can find more information on setting up your server on our page called choosing a hosting package.

Once you have your server all set up you simply need to either login to the Domain Manager, with GoDaddy, or the Cpanel, with HostGator and begin downloading the files. Both sites have a quick installer which allows you to download the files fairly automatically, or at least with FTP.  With the Cpanel, just login and go to Quick Install. Then select WordPress under the Blogging Software header and click it. The site will ask what the name of the site is going to be, what the admin name is going to be and what email to use. It will also ask you where to install it. Just select the domain name that you wish to install this to. The site will install it in the root directory of that domain name for you. With GoDaddy it’s pretty much the same process, just different names. If you don’t have either, you will need to use an FTP agent, like FileZilla, and then download the files from WordPress.org and transfer them on to the server.

A WordPress website is fairly straightforward once it’s installed. You should be emailed your administrator password and login. Go ahead and log into that and then you can start adding to the site. Pages are meant to be like a static structural page of the site, like an about us page. Posts are designed to be more like a blog post. You can add categories to pages and both categories and tags to posts. These are great ways to organize content and to link content for SEO purposes.

To add a new look to your theme, go to appearance. Now click on themes and then choose to install a new one. Many people have contributed themes for people to use. You can find themes that are either free or for purchase. Look hard because there are tons to choose from.

The hierarchy of a site can be determined by parents. Each page has an option to name a parent on the right hand side of the screen. Just select a page as the parent to create a structured site.

Widgets are like blocks in Drupal. They are spaces on the site that can hold small bits of functionality, like a calendar. Plugins are the fun stuff. This is where you get to add additional functionality to your website with wordpress.

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