How to Start a Website
Drupal is capable of making some incredibly powerful websites. Drupal allows users to interact with your website and interact with each other. You can create different types of users and give specific permissions to them for accessing your site and interacting with it.

If you are interested in building a social website then, in my opinion, Drupal is the way to go. You can create an entire social network that allows users to post statuses, become friends, add photos of themselves, access a live wall, etc.

Using Drupal 7

For Drupal Setup you need to set up a domain name and a hosting account. You can do this through either GoDaddy or HostGator. For information on how to setup hosting for your site visit choosing a hosting package.

Now that you have a hosting package you need to login to the host using either the Domain Manager with GoDaddy or the Cpanel with Host Gator. With both of these services you can use a quick install to extract Drupal core and install it under your domains public directory. Remember, websites are just files. If you are using the Cpanel go down to where it says Quick Install and click it. Now you can choose from a variety of software on the left hand side. Select Drupal 7. The site will ask where to install this, select the appropriate domain name. Enter in the site name, your name, your email address and click install. Quick Install will install Drupal 7 Core on your site for you and send you an email with the admin drupal login.

The process is almost identical with GoDaddy. Instead, go to Domain Management, click the domain hosting package and use their version of the quick install.

Alternatively, you can use FileZilla to add Drupal to your domain names root directory. With this method you go to Drupal.org and download Drupal. Then extract the files on to your computer. Then open up FileZilla and connect to your server using your servers IP address, your login information and the correct port. Once the connection is made you can just drag the Drupal setup files on to your server.

Once you sign in to the site as the admin you can start to build your site. Drupal modules are basically little bits of software that you can download to the site to increase your sites functionality. Creating content types allows you to create types of content that people can add to your site. You can customize the types of fields, like first name, by going to fields under the appropriate content type. You can manage how the display works by going to field display within the content type. Modules have become increasingly simple with Drupal 7. You can manage permissions for each type of user under people. For more information on building a site visit our marketing page.

In my opinion, for the average Drupal user, Drupal is great for building high functioning sites without a huge focus on design. You can add themes to the site, but if you are looking for design and a bit less functionality, I’d go with WordPress. Adding advanced display to certain types of content can be a bit tricky and requires sub-theming. If you need help with Drupal then search the web for a great drupal guide.

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