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How to Buy a Website
Building a website with a Content Management System CMS has become increasingly more beneficial. As users start to expect an element of interaction with websites choosing a CMS might be right for you.

Deciding if a Content Management System (CMS) is right for you.

If you want your site to have any of the following functionality then I recommend going with the appropriate CMS.

  • Users can create their own account with their own personal information and start to interact with your site. You can use either Drupal, WordPress or Joomla! to do this.
  • Users can leave comments on the content that you have posted. You can use either Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress to do this.
  • Users can post their own content to your site. If the content is limited to a single type, like a blog post, then you can use Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress to do this.
  • Users can post multiple types of content on your site in multiple different places, like Craigslist. If you have multiple types of content that you want users to be able to post, like a job vs. a resume then I recommend going with Drupal. Drupal content makes it easy to manage multiple content types with multiple permissions.
  • Users can interact with other users and become connect through ‘friends’ functionality. Again, I recommend going with Drupal for this. Using either a friend tag or an actual friend module can be an easy way to quickly add that functionality to the site.
  • Users can write each other personal messages and respond or comment on each others message, Facebook. Using either Drupal or Joomla! makes the most sense with when trying to add this functionality.
  • You have a live wall that feeds site activity to you about other users on the site, like Facebook. Using the Heartbeat module with Drupal is the easiest way to add this functionality to your site. You can create several rules that determine which content is posted to the wall, for example, only ‘my friends’ content gets posted to my live wall.
  • You have multiple different types of users that have different types of permission on the site and the permissions dictate the type of behavior or the content visibility for that user. I use Drupal content when trying to do this. You can add several types of users and then manage their permissions. It’s important to add a module that allows users to choose their account type during registration.

If you are looking to create a site that has some of the above functionality then selecting a CMS is the right fit. The common Content Management Systems are Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress. Using each CMS is different and learning the pros and cons of each is very important. Read through this site for CMS made simple.

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