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Your website files sit on a server and when users type in your domain the browser loads the files, your website, on the users browser. The first step to hosting is choosing your domain name. Most sites allow you to take care of purchasing the domain and selecting the hosting package in one transaction. This allows the process to be very simple. There are things to consider when choosing the hosting package for your domain.

By selecting the right host and hosting package now you will save yourself a lot of grief from you visitors. When it comes to hosting you have a lot of options. The right option really depends on your site and the amount of traffic you anticipate having. Rule of them, always plan high. There is nothing worse then creating a site with low expectations and then having it fail due to high volume. Consumers don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to your website timing out. For most websites choosing a simple low cost hosting package to host the domain you purchased should be enough. Prices for these types of hosting service can range from $7 monthly to about $15 monthly.

If you expect to have a large amount of traffic and you want more control over your web server then you may want to go with a Virtual Dedicated web Server (VPS). With a VPS you basically are sharing a server with a limited amount of other websites. In theory, these are more stable since they don’t get as bogged down with public sites. That being said, if another site on your sever is soaking up too much space your site could time out or refresh while a user is trying to submit information. I’ve spent countless hours trying to fix sites that were malfunctioning based on server activity. When making a decision about who to host with it’s important to know how many sites they deem acceptable to go on a VPS. A few common hosting providers are, GoDaddy and Host Gator ( sometimes referred to as Gator Web ). You can click on the images below to navigate directly to their services.

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This means that you will have access to much more space and bandwidth. If you are planning on running a large social site or storefront then I recommend going with your own web server, otherwise known as a dedicated web server. This gives you the ability to completely customize the settings of the server for your sites needs.

If dealing with setting up your own hosting seems like too much work you can always go with a company that takes care of the hosting for you. Again Homestead is a good choice for this type of scenario. You can click the following image to go the the Homestead site.

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For more information on how build your website visit our How to Build Your Website page.

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