Off-Page Optimization 101

Off-page optimization refers to the process of building your site’s credibility. The process is vast and truly ongoing. To have a successful site you must be willing to continually work on your sites off-page optimization. There are lots of ways to go about building your sites off-page optimization. Essentially, you want your site to be in major search engine directories and you want lots of other relevant sites pointing links back to your site. Links play a big part in SEO. In the mind of a search engine, links represent credibility.

How do you go about getting links? Well, it depends a bit on the nature of your site. If your have a CMS where users are creating profiles of themselves, or something they want people to see, then links should start to generate pretty naturally. If you have a static site that you want to rank better for your keywords then you may need to take a different approach. One sure proof way to get good links is to generate high quality content relating to your site. Write articles and with a how to theme about things relating to your site. Then submit these article to major article directories. Make sure to add a link or two back to your site before submitting. People will then visit those directories, find articles you wrote and publish them on their own site. This creates the infamous backlink. When generating titles for your articles think of things that people would find interesting. Also, think of terms that relate to the page your are linking back…TITLE Tags.


2. Ezine Articles

3.  PubArticles

Another part of your off-page optimization relates to site directories. Make sure to submit your site to major directories. Some examples, are Google, Bing and Yahoo. To go a step further, create a sitemap and sync it with those search engines. This allows them to crawl your site much more effectively.

Using social media can be another great way to get backlinks. Post links through social outlets and let people know about them. Some of the more commons social sites are and By adding the articles you wrote to these sites you may be able to find people interested in your topic who will then go and add that article to their site. If you ever want to check your backlinks visit yahoo and type in link: and click enter. That will show you who is linking to your site. As always, contact us for additional help or join our mailing list.

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