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Google Plus One is on the rise. If you aren’t using it yet for your business you are quickly falling behind. Personally, I think it’s a great way for them to compete with rival Facebook on the concept of a personal endorsement or recommendation.

First off, here is a bit of background on what’s happening. Search engines have been the masters of providing highly targeted advertising opportunities to business looking to reach a specific person. They really out-dated much of print advertisement. Companies spent huge bucks on pay-per-click campaigns that were highly focused. Then good ol’ social media came along and started offering another way for companies to spend their advertising bucks. Ever wonder why the ads you see on your Facebook typically are something you just looked at or are interested in? It’s scary huh? Your status updates even notify Facebook of what your might be interested in. Meanwhile, companies are paying big bucks to deliver their ad to you. It’s really powerful stuff.

So now you have search engines finding out what you want from either using your browser information, email services, or search bar and social media sites finding out what you want by using your profile, browser behavior, status and friends. Both of these entities are competing for advertising dollars.

Now, we are seeing these two entities start to really go after one another. If you search Facebook, you’ll notice that you don’t just get information about Facebook users or groups back anymore. Now you get that information plus Bing search engine results? Weird huh? Bing and Facebook are working together here. Starting to see why Google needed to get into the social networking side of thins with Google Plus 1?

Facebook really created an effective concept when they created the ‘like’. Essentially, a user endorses a business with a like and then all of their friends find out about it. The benefit of a like is yet to be determined as far as SEO goes, but most marketers agree it’s likely going to be similar to a back link. This means for good SEO on a website, you need likes… boy, these two can’t keep away from each other can they? But, what is this plus 1 Google one all about?

Google Plus One is Google’s big step into social media. Google has taken the concept of a like, a personal endorsement shared with your contacts, and applied that to the search engine world. It’s genius. It’s now the Google search like! Now I can ‘like’ or plus 1 a site and that means that I endorse site. That like has an impact on how other people, connected to me, will be displayed results for a similar search. If one of my friends sees five sites on a search and one of them was a site that I gave a plus 1 to then my friends decision is probably going to be pretty easy.

You can really start to see the grey future of the online world. Search engines and social media are becoming increasing more the same. If you aren’t on board yet, I encourage you to quickly get on.

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